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Your local source for happy & healthy Pennsylvania Red Cherry Shrimp
Born & raised in Philly municipal water.
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Hand-raised on a
small family farm
in Pennsylvania.
Very small.
Freshwater Cherry shrimp are a fun and fascinating newcomer to America’s aquariums!

Natural and ethical treatment are the heart of the natural hobby. My shrimp are grown naturally in normal tank conditions without forced growth or breeding.

The Philadelphia Red Cherry Shrimp not commodities or products, but cared-for pets I enjoy sharing.

Check out the Black Bar Endlers too … they’re great companions for Cherry Shrimp. Excellent Community fish, too.


Inexpensive and prolific, cherry shrimp cost very little to feed and maintain.

Easy to Keep

Hardy and low-maintenance. Cherry shrimp thrive in a peaceful community aquarium (with cover) or a fun-loving invertebrate tank by themselves.

Great for Natural Aquariums

Clean water, plants and light make happy quarters for cherry shrimp. They produce very little waste and are great for natural or low-tech/low-maintenance aquariums.

Cherry Shrimp are cleaning up all over the world.

Cherry Shrimp from Taiwan were first introduced to the aquarium world in 2003–many still don’t know that freshwater shrimp even exist! Only becoming available in the USA in the past decade, this wonderful little aquatic pet is what we thought sea-monkeys were back in the day.

Cherry Shrimp Hero Stats

Beautiful, peaceful zen-like creatures from Taiwan … easy to care for … clean water with ph 6.5-8, and a temperature of 14–29 °C (57–84 °F) Like people, the cherry shrimp’s favorite temperature is 22 °C (72 °F).

Avg. Lifespan

Adult size (female)

Avg. monthly upkeep



All-American Fire Red Cherry shrimp raised locally in Philly.

Our original line came from Flip Aquatics, known as humane breeders and passionate promoters of the shrimp-keeping hobby.
The Shrimps are on holiday, rebuilding their colonies for the New Year!
Please check back in 2019 … or Reserve your colony by contacting me (below) for guaranteed availability.

We want your pets to thrive!

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Sprigs or young plants from the home waters.

OPTIONAL BUT SUGGESTED: Filter squeezings for cycling/syncing your own water. Bring your shrimp's bio-buddies with them!

OPTIONAL: Free "homies" ... ie, pond snails. (They tend to eat the same food as shrimp and overpopulate, but snails do promote a happy and natural ecosystem.)

Best Plants for a Shrimp Tank

Actually, the title of this post is a little misleading: Cherry shrimp do well with any plant. They don’t actually eat them, but instead graze the biofilm and feed on the tiny animals that grow on them. In the process, they keep plants clean.

We love sharing our passion and helping fellow aquarists. Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have questions about cherry shrimp or want to setup a time to meet.
On 40th Street one block north of Market Street in West Philly.
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