Black Bar Endlers

Check out Endlers if you’re looking for a new fish that does great in a small aquarium. They are wonderfully hardy beginner fish, too!

Endlers are friendly, energetic, peaceful and vibrant little nano-fish. They’re a close relative of the Guppy but still have their original genes and natural behavior.

Everything about this fish is simple and easy … they are great companions to adult Cherry Shrimp and Community Aquarium fish.

Temperature Range: 64–84 °F (18–29 °C) | pH 5.5-8.0
They grow faster in the warmer range (but don’t live as long).

The iridescence males have all the color … they grow to 1″ long.
The larger females grow up to almost two inches.

Endler (Poecilia wingei) Facts:

• They eat almost any food they can fit it in their tiny mouths.

• Shoal naturally and do best in groups of 6+.

• Endlers have a very small bioload.

• Reproduce live young every 23 days in broods from 1 to 20 babies.

Our Black Bar Endlers are pure N-Grade (wild genes) stock—they’re bred locally and love Philly water!

Black Bar Endler Setup Deal

$20 for 8 Black Bar adults
+ Month’s supply of food (two kinds)
+ Plant: Anacharis, Riccia, Duckweed

Either all males or 50%-50% male/female
Individual Endlers $4 (min. of 6—they shoal to feel safe)

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