How to Feed Your Cherry Shrimp – The Basics

Along with good water quality, feeding your cherry (neocaridina) shrimp properly is a prime necessity for keeping a successful colony. A good diet makes your colony resilient and better able to face the rigors of living in a small glass box on your desk.

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Starting Back Up

Hello Shrimp-keepers!

The blog has been in stasis for a while but is starting back up.

In the meantime I’ve moved from Philadelphia to California, which meant I had to sell the wonderful N-Grade Black Bar Endlers and Fire Red neocaridina (cherry) shrimp I was lucky enough to keep. I admit that wasn’t a fun decision, but the buyer, James, is an aquatic professional. He has a business doing high-end tank installation and maintenance—the critters are in competent hands!

James does plan to continue selling the shrimp (and wonderful Endlers). He can be reached at (609) 533-1410.

I plan to post more regularly and look forward to sharing more cherry shrimp information. I’m excited about the shrimp hobby and love to see it growing!

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How to Set Up a New Shrimp Tank

It’s easy to know when your tank is ready for shrimp—your plants will be growing. Seeing algae is another good sign. Plant growth shows the tank is alive and capable of sustaining additional life.

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Best Plants for a Shrimp Tank

Actually, the title of this post is a little misleading: Cherry shrimp do well with any plant. They don’t actually eat them, but instead graze the biofilm and feed on the tiny animals that grow on them. In the process, they keep plants clean.

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