You can probably guess what this blog is about: Cherry Shrimp. Neocaridina davidi. Dwarf shrimp. Ornamental freshwater shrimp. Taiwanese members of the Atyidae shrimp family.

It seems simple … but, as any shrimp-keeper soon knows, the Cherry Shrimp experience is about many things besides these peaceful little pets.

It’s also about the plants. It’s about other inhabitants—welcome or not. It’s about water quality.

It’s about fostering a sustainable ecosystem and the aesthetics of a natural aquarium. It’s about learning new things: since our tanks are windows into Nature, who knows what we’ll see! It’s about a commitment to maintaining lifeforms we’re responsible for. It’s fun.

The Cherry Shrimp Reader

My plan for this blog is to offer information I’ve learned about cherry shrimp generally and in Philly specifically. I’d like to share resources that have helped me, pass on shrimp-keeping news and information to other enthusiasts, and keep in touch with other hobbyists.

I started raising shrimp a few years ago to help grow the local hobby. A blog seems a logical next step, and I hope it will add to your shrimp-keeping journey…